Smart Restaurant Waiter Robot KW-313

Operational data monitoring
Build a map remotely
Custom calibration position
Autonomous planning path
Real-time power monitoring
10~12 hours long battery life
Infrared docking charging pile
Precise navigation and positioning


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Smart Restaurant Waiter Robot: Food Delivery Deliver the meal to the guest’s designated table, then explain the restaurant information, the waiter or the guest touches the robot’s screen and the robot goes to the next table or returns to the starting point to charging.Multi- point Delivery Robot can deliver the food to one table, can also deliver the good to three different tables in one order.

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Smart Restaurant Waiter Robot the route setting robot can set a fixed walking route, and can autonomously navigate and locate. When the robot reaches the destination or encounters an obstacle, it will actively bypass the obstacle and continue walking

It is applied to the food and beverage distribution work in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and other places. Draw a map through the robot’s navigation and positioning system, match the on-site environment and formulate the optimal route.

The food delivery robot can efficiently and accurately deliver automatically according to the position of the table, and has the functions of intelligent prompting of the plate, autonomous charging, and running status reminder.

The laser SLAM+V-SLAM multi-sensor fusion algorithm makes the food delivery robot more stable and easier to adapt to the complex indoor scene of the restaurant

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Operating system Android 5.1 operating system and above
Overall size width: 500mm, height: 1300mm
Net weight 48.5KG
Screen 7 inches Resolution 1024×600
Pallet size 320mmX400mm (3 floors)
Pallet weight limit 10kg
Light interaction plate reminder
Voice prompts customizable voice
Plate cleaning removable
Task configuration custom task settings
Battery parameters 24V/20Ah
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