Best Portable Oxygen Machine For Sale

What is a Portable Oxygen Generator?

The reason for investing in a good oxygen machine for sale seems to be an excellent decision if you need a constant supply of oxygen at all times. There are many manufacturers who are offering oxygen machine for sale . But there are very less manufacturers who are into producing quality oxygen machine for sale .

Before making the decision you need to educate yourself about all the options available in a portable oxygen generator. There might be times when you or one of your close relatives might need oxygen as a supplement for their specific medical conditions.

Rather than keeping on apprehending the medical condition, it would be more useful to get as much information about portable oxygen generators as possible. It might even inculcate a sense of empowerment by knowing about your oxygen generator.

Using an Oxygen Machine for Sale

There are many medical conditions that need supplemental oxygen as a treatment. Sometimes getting an oxygen machine can treat those disorders. At times treating a medical disorder with oxygen machines can be a matter of a few weeks or months.

But in severe conditions, an oxygen concentrator has to become a part of your life in order for the patient to live. Sometimes there might be issues when traveling from one place to another for a person who needs an oxygen concentrator at all times.

Most people who are suffering from disorders that require a constant supply of oxygen may feel trapped. They might have concerns about the freedom of movement. It is possible for them to lapse into depression knowing that they might not be able to go anywhere due to their oxygen needs.

Rather than limiting the mobility such medically impaired people, portable oxygen machines can play a major role. They can eliminate the sense of doom and endorse more independent living in such patients. Using oxygen generators that are portable can facilitate movement anywhere anytime.

There are different types of oxygen generators available in the market. Best Health Equipment is offering the best oxygen machines for sale. They are portable as well as convenient. Other than this, they too have other types that can fit with a variety of patient’s requirements .

A Guide to Oxygen Machine for Sale

There are many reasons and features to consider when getting an oxygen generator. The basic working of every oxygen generator is the same. It draws oxygen from around the surroundings and processes it for patient use. Unlike oxygen tanks, oxygen generator does not require refills. This facility allows easy usage along with less amount of maintenance.

The idea behind portable oxygen generators is to introduce a version that is small in size, light in weight and allows movement. There is an added benefit of portable oxygen concentrators. They come with an easy-to-carry bag. This bag has the space to house an oxygen generator and all the necessary elements that are important for its functioning.

These concentrators have dual adapters. It means they can make use of direct current as well as analog current. In easier words, it means that you can use the oxygen generator in a house as well as in external facilities like parks and cars.

Parts of a Portable Oxygen Generator

A portable oxygen generator is very small approximately less than a normal height of a knee. It is in the shape of a box and is available in various shapes and sizes. For more customizable options, it is even available in different colors. Apart from these physical features the working and internal parts of a portable oxygen generator are the same.

When you dissect a portable oxygen generator you will commonly find the following things. It has a panel for switching the generator on or off. Next, it has a knob that attaches to the generator in order to control the flow of oxygen.

The amount of oxygen required by a certain patient totally depends on their condition as specified by a trained physician. And lastly, it has an alarm that sets of if the power of the generator is at a lower side. This is an absolute necessity for indicating when you might need to change or replace your oxygen generator. It can prevent any hazardous situation in case of a power cut.

The Best Portable Oxygen Generators

Best Health Equipment has many great options in oxygen concentrators. The next are a couple of their oxygen concentrators that are portable.

Big Flow Oxygen Concentrator Model KW-OM-10L

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This is one of the most sought-after oxygen concentrators. It has an adjustable oxygen flow rate along with a display that has a touch screen. They require 354 watts of power and can output maximum pressure of 45KPa±4.5KPa.

This specific model has advanced features in comparison with other concentrators. It is way more progressive and has better withstanding powers which make it a reliable option. The more you explore it the more options you will see.

Big Flow Oxygen Concentrator Model KW-OM02 5L

This is the second-best oxygen concentrator model that is available with Best Health Equipment . It allows oxygen purity level 93 %( ±3%). It takes very little power to operate and has almost inaudible operating sounds. The outlet for the oxygen pipe is adjustable thus it has the reputation of improving respiratory conditions by manifolds. The environmentally friendly construction and usage of the generator make it a feasible yet intelligent choice.

oxygen machine for sale


Using an oxygen generator for fulfilling oxygen needs in some patients is a part of their daily lives. In severe conditions, it becomes extremely necessary for the patient to have a constant oxygen supply 24/7. A portable generator that helps in extracting oxygen from the environment and fulfilling the oxygen needs of a patient can help them in living the life they want. Moreover, the facility of portable oxygen generators allows them mobility and the freedom to move without risking their lives. The more modern portable generators are lightweight, smaller, and easier to carry. It helps without hindering the pace of the patient.