Effectiveness of UV Sterilization Robot

What is UV Sterilization Robot?


Sterilization is defined as the technique that involves the eradication of all microbes from surfaces or mediums by chemical treatment or physical way including exposure to intense heat or radiation. A UV Sterilization Robot is an automated programmed machine designed by a human being having a UV lamp emitter capable of cleaning and disinfecting areas contaminated by bacteria and viruses.

Infections in humans:


Infections in humans are caused by microbes such as bacteria and viruses, which can offer major health risks. Viruses are similar to attackers because they may penetrate cells and take control of their machinery. They survive and reproduce in cells and can severely affect human health. So controlling these disease-causing microbes is an urgent necessity, and many disinfectants are used to sterilize surfaces polluted by these infectious agents.

How to operate UV-Sterilization Robot?


When discussing how to operate these robots, we need first switch them on and appropriately set the light source to the area we wish to clean. Place the sterilizing robot in such a way that there is the minimum distance between the light source emitting radiations and the surface we want to disinfect. You can remain in the room during the treatment, but avoid direct contact with the UV light. With the use of UV light, this equipment will quickly remove all microbes in a specific environment, making the entire environment contamination-free.


Mechanism of working:


UV sterilization robot work on a mechanism in which electromagnetic waves from a UV source are transformed into the genetic material of the cell; these waves are capable of inactivating the replication mechanisms of these organisms by destroying the genetic material of the cell, including DNA and RNA, and finally, as a result of this entire mechanism, these microorganisms become incapable of infecting the host. . Thus, the employment of this robot reduces the risk of infection, reduces the expense of conventional cleaning and sterilizing, and improves security in medical institutions. As a result, we are attempting to apply a more efficient method of sanitization by developing a low-cost UV sanitization robot that can be utilized in small clinics and at home.


UV sterilizers, often known as UV robots, benefit from the usage of ultraviolet. It is electromagnetic radiation ranging from visible light to X-ray radiation. Ultraviolet light has a wavelength range of 100 to 400 nanometers. The human eye cannot see ultraviolet rays


According to a study, ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 254 nm is used to destroy bacteria, fungus, and viruses. Sanitization with human involvement is a challenging task. Normal cleaning robots are now utilized in most areas; however, if we look at the current scenario, sanitization processes must be upgraded. UV beams are used by robots to destroy microorganisms. It provides real-time of its surroundings through a Wi-Fi camera.

One can control the robot’s movement within the closed environment without being physically there by using a Bluetooth module and an Android mobile device. UV-C has a wavelength ranging between 200-280 nm It is the most effective in killing germs in the room. This permits one to efficiently disinfect the room. UV radiation kills microorganisms, limiting their growth by disrupting their reproductive mechanism.

 The efficiency of UV Sterilization Robot:


The efficiency of these robots depends on the wavelength, intensity, and exposure time of electromagnetic radiation within the disinfection area. UV sterilization robot radiation’s efficiency reduces in direct proportion to the square of the distance from the light source. As a result, the closer the light source is to the disinfected surface, the better the efficiency.

Applications of UV Sterilization Robot:

  • UV Sterilization robot has a wide range of applications in medical centers, transport centers, houses, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and other public places without the need for human interaction.
  • Technically, the use of robots is a prophylactic step to overcome the generated challenges and increase the effectiveness of battling the COVID-19 epidemic. Throughout the previous year, several robots have been used to perform a variety of critical activities and vital functions using various approaches.
  • Robots have been identified as one of the best methods of tackling pandemic issues. It has been discovered that robotic systems are generally appropriate solutions for dealing with many of the challenges produced by COVID-19. These include pan-specific diagnosis, screening, and disinfection. As these sterilization robots are immune to pathogens and deadly viruses so they reduce the risk of the people being exposed to these viruses.
  • They can minimize the likelihood of people becoming infected with the fatal virus. A remote control can help doctors feel less exhausted because the real working environment is generally unpleasant owing to disease control limitations such as a lack of cooling and ventilation. A logistics robot may provide daily supplies to individuals in lockdown zones.
  • Sterilization robots worked autonomously and perform hand-free disinfection tasks.
  • Sterilization robots minimize the cost of chemicals used for disinfection tasks and as we know that these chemicals prove toxic when interacting with human beings. Thus one can easily work in a chemical-free environment.
  • Sterilization robots reduce the need for manual labor and can save time.
  • And last but certainly not least application of the sterilization robot is that at the end they provide documents and results of these disinfection services.


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