Go on Your Holidays with Your Portable Oxygen Machine!

Go on Your Holidays with Your Portable Oxygen Machine!

There is no better experience than taking a break. Whether you’re going on an adventurous road trip or flying to another country, traveling while using oxygen allows your body and mind to have the getaway that they deserve! Take some time for yourself: rejuvenate your spirit and recharge those batteries with positivity by letting go of all stressors during this period. Take your oxygen machine with you!

There are many things that you should pay attention to if you suffer from a chronic disease. This post will help you understand more about portable oxygen concentrators and give some valuable tips as well.

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The Portable Oxygen Concentrator Is a Great Gadget for When You’re on The Travel.

Oxygen tanks are popular, but they’re not always the best solution. Many oxygen users find them heavy to lug around all night long! They also only have a short “use time.”

A portable oxygen concentrator is a perfect solution for this problem. With one, you’ll never run out of oxygen as long as there’s power because it draws from ambient air and concentrates it into a breathable form that can be used to support breathing in people with respiratory issues like COPD or heart failure. Furthermore, a POC device is lightweight, which means easy transportability to your favourite destination on holiday, where you’ll have lots more liberty than if tethered down by bulky tanks at home! Of course, you could go hiking up mountains, visit beautiful beaches walking along sandy shores…the choice is yours, but now thanks to modern technology choices are limitless too!

How Does it Work?

Portable oxygen machines work by using a battery. It can be charged with mains power or on 12 volts, and you will find different brands of these products in our range, such as Inogen, Philips Respironics, GCE Corp., and CAIRE Inc.

How Can I Relocate My Concentrator?

The question to ask yourself before traveling is whether you need oxygen during your flight or not. If yes, it’s recommended that you transport the concentrator in a carry bag or on a cart. However, if no and will take long flights with checked baggage, make sure to pack both battery and machine together (the airline company usually asks for this).

Traveling With Oxygen

Now that flying is possible with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC). It’s essential to prepare for your flight. In most cases, you will have to contact your treating physician and ask if they think you’re fit enough to fly. You should also bring a health declaration from them when boarding the plane. Suppose this isn’t an option or doesn’t answer all of our questions about fitness. In that case, we recommend preparing yourself by getting information on flights through other means: inquiring at the airline itself or checking out online resources like Flyer Guide.

Doctors sometimes recommend Oxygen to lung patients even though they are not regularly using it. For example, air on an airplane contains less oxygen than the ground, so if you have a decreased respiratory rate or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), your lungs might need more airflow and, therefore, extra help with getting that actual amount of fresh air into them.

Different Rules in Different Airlines

POCs are a great way to get around when you need respiratory support. However, if you plan on traveling with one, be sure the FAA approves the machine before bringing it onboard your flight! You may have to provide proof that it has been authorized if requested by airline staff members. Our Portable Oxygen Concentrators can all prove they’ve received this certification; look for their approval stickers in our product descriptions!

Airlines have specific regulations for oxygen device use and transport. If you’re planning to travel with an oxygen machine, contact your airline before arriving at the airport and ask about their requirements in advance of boarding.

The batteries that POC uses for their products have a maximum capacity of 100Wh. Batteries you purchase from our online store meet this requirement, and it is often necessary to take one or more extra batteries on board in case there’s additional time required during the flight due to delays or other reasons. We recommend charging these before your departure (not while onboard)!

Camper, Car, and Caravan 

If you’re planning a trip for the day or an entire vacation, it’s easy to transport your oxygen machine in your car. When purchasing one of these machines, it comes with a DC power cable that you can use both at home and while traveling.

If you want to take your oxygen concentrator camping with you, do check the rules to see with the campsite allows an oxygen concentrator or not. Some places have restrictions on the type of equipment they allow in their tents or RVs. Even if they are medical devices like an O2 compressor! However, you should still be able to enjoy some time outside while taking advantage of the few benefits these machines allow for people who need extra breathing help. Avoid leaving them inside a car during hot weather and cold weather unless otherwise stated by manufacturer instructions because this might cause damage to parts which could lead to expensive replacement costs down the line.

It would help if you always took a pulse oximeter with you to your holiday destination because it allows you to monitor oxygen levels whenever and wherever.

Bus, Train and Boat

You can typically use your portable oxygen machine when riding on a train, bus, or boat. However, we have noticed little to no information about the medical equipment’s usage on most public transport operators’ websites during these rides.

While we’re here to answer your questions, it might be best for you to contact the public transport operator directly if you want more specific details on buses or boats. You can also speak with a travel company representative about booking bus trips and boat rides in advance! You will have a great trip with our portable oxygen!

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Final Verdict

Portable oxygen machine are fantastic devices used to help people with respiratory difficulties. However, the rules for their use vary by airline and can change at any time; thus, this blog post will not go into too much detail. We encourage you to contact your airline before flying if you have questions about using a POC on an airplane or transporting it as baggage