Your Pro-Auto Disinfection System Needs A Hospital UV Robot

What Is The Pro-Automatic Disinfection System?

The Pro-Auto Disinfection System is a new disinfection system pursued by many hospitals or clinics. In this system, professional(pro), and automatic(auto) disinfection equipment serves and protects the entire hospital or clinic. These instruments have a clear division of labor and operate in an orderly manner. They have the following characteristics:

  • The disinfection process is fully automated and controlled by a computer with no human interference. It has a wide range of applications, and can be used for medical instrument disinfection, laboratory disinfection, and so on;
  • Each device has a high concentration of UV germicidal lamp to achieve high efficiency of germicidal effect;
  • The equipment is equipped with an air purifying system, which can effectively remove dust in the air during the treatment process, ensuring the indoor air quality;
  • The device uses a double-layer glass tube design to ensure that no harmful gas enters the room during treatment;
  • The device has an automatic remote control function, which allows users to remotely control the whole process from beginning to end through computers or phones.

Equipment Of The Pro-Automatic Disinfection System:

There are many different small systems in the Pro-Automatic Disinfection System. Here we first describe Hospital UV Robot – a robot that combines advanced UV technology and robotics. The following briefly introduces two types of equipment: spray disinfection and ultraviolet disinfection:

Hospital UV Robot: Intelligent Spray Disinfection Robot

Spray disinfection is a very common disinfection method for hospitals or clinics. In the Pro-Automatic Disinfection System, people prefer to use robots for this step. because:

  • Non-contact disinfection method:

It can move indoors autonomously and spray and disinfect multiple locations. Users can conduct remote navigation and deployment through KinouWell’s original cloud service management platform without the need for multiple exposures to bacteria. In addition, its disinfection cruise speed can be adjusted from 0.1m/s to 1.0m/s. This gives the user more room for adjustment. The machine can perform disinfection tasks completely autonomously. When sterilizing, it will intelligently avoid obstacles – it will react quickly within 0.5 seconds. This greatly reduces the number and possibility of contact with other objects.

  • Intelligent planning and disinfection:

At the same time, people can also set regular disinfection on it, and it will automatically perform disinfection tasks. It has the ability of 40000㎡ super large laser surveying and mapping. Combining laser SLAM and V-SLAM technology, it can map and locate more accurately. When the battery is low, it will automatically return to the charging socket.

  • Long battery life:

In hospitals or clinics, the flow of people is large, and there are many kinds of bacteria. Therefore, an instrument that can last for a long time is very important. This instrument can work continuously for 5 to 6 hours. This can fully meet the daily disinfection work of the hospital. What’s more, it will recharge itself, which can also save labor for the hospital.

Hospital UV Robot: UVC Intelligent Disinfection Robot

The hospital UV robot is specially designed for hospitals, which can kill all bacteria and viruses on the surface of your equipment, including HIV and Hepatitis B virus, etc., thus improving the safety level of medical treatment greatly. It also has a large capacity and can clean larger areas more quickly than other methods.

They use ultraviolet radiation to kill germs on surfaces by damaging their DNA structure. These rays pass through ordinary glass without being absorbed or reflected (they are absorbed by black rubber gloves) so they can penetrate any crevice or crack where germs might hide. The energy from these rays creates free radicals which destroy viruses and bacteria within seconds of exposure – killing them instantly without harming human tissue or causing any damage whatsoever.

Why Do You Need A Hospital UV Robot:

The Pro-Automatic Disinfection System is an important part of your hospital because it’s the core of your infection control program. It helps you to maintain a safe and healthy environment for your patients and staff. Maintaining this environment is essential to prevent nosocomial infections, which can be fatal.

A Hospital UV Robot can help a lot to build a Pro-Automatic Disinfection System, which is one of the most important parts of the hospital disinfection process. It’s not just about cleaning and sterilizing the equipment, but also about improving the quality and efficiency of your work. If you are looking for a hospital UV robot, it is better to know its advantages. Here are some of them:

  • The UV disinfection system is very efficient in killing bacteria, viruses, mold, and other microorganisms. It can eradicate 99.99% of the germs that cause hospital-acquired infections such as MRSA, C. difficile (C-diff), HIV/AIDS, and hepatitis B and C virus (HBV & HCV).
  • The UV disinfection system is long-lasting and easy to use. You can charge it once every few months or even years depending on how much you use it.
  • The UV disinfection system is safe for humans because the light produced by this device does not harm human skin at all!

Tips For Choosing A Better Hospital UV Robot:

When choosing Hospital UV Robot, how do you choose it? Here, we recommend you choose a professional company from China: KinouWell.


A good Hospital UV Robot must have good working performance. This is the first thing that customers look for when purchasing products. If it does not meet the customer’s requirements, then the sale is lost. Customers can choose to purchase if they like the product or not. KinouWell has been chosen by many customers because its products are of high quality and have good working performance. It can meet all kinds of disinfection needs in hospitals and other places where public health is in danger.

Production Experience:

KinouWell has more than 10 years of experience in developing and producing hospital disinfection equipment. It is a company integrating design, R&D, production, and marketing. In addition, their products are exported to many countries including Japan, Korea, Italy, and so on every year. At the same time, they also received praise from partners.

After-sale guarantee:

KinouWell’s products come with at least 1-year warranty. If you encounter problems when using the machine after purchase, they will provide professional technicians to serve you exclusively. This can directly solve many problems and improve the efficiency of both parties.