How to Maintain the Safety of Oxygen Machine for Home

Guide to Maintaining an oxygen machine for home

An oxygen machine for home is a huge responsibility. The maintenance of an oxygen machine requires almost the same attention as the patient. The air that we breathe is a blessing that only comes to attention when we talk about it. Air is made up of a cocktail of gases and the most important one for the human race is oxygen. The air around us has massive proportions of nitrogen and the oxygen concentrator machines extract the oxygen from it. Oxygen itself is too indispensable to replace.oxygen machine for home

Hence, those suffering from chronic respiratory diseases understand the importance of the air. The battle against health issues requires assistance at most times. Portable oxygen machines are reliable supports for patients. Instead of barging in and out of hospital wards after dangerous oximeter readings, patients can adjust their oxygen at home. Portable oxygen machines are suitable for both home and outdoor use.

Thus, patients can travel all they want without putting their health at risk. We do not advise patients to travel alone with the machine since it can cause strain to them. Oxygen concentrating machines do not guarantee the recovery from diseases however they do improve quality of life.

The design of these machines aims to provide maximum comfort to the ailing. Its mechanism revolves around providing steady flow of oxygen. The oxygen concentrator machine compensates for our natural ability to filter and inhale air.

Learn to Control the Oxygen Machine for Home

The oxygen machine for home stops you from becoming a couch potato. No one likes to stay in bed all day or tucked up in just one spot. The new and improved oxygen machines have a smart portable feature. The machine itself weighs less than few pounds . The 2L Oxygen Concentrator for Home Medical from kinouwell has a low running noise and weighs barely 11kg. Machines like this provide lower output hence you should not use them outside.

Furthermore, added wheels under the oxygen machine make 360 ​​rotation possible while you take a stroll in the garden . Smart oxygen concentrator machines such as as the Big Flow Oxygen Concentrator Model KW-OM-01 9L have pre-installed HD LED Screens. The LED screen simplifies most of the work and changes the output accurately.

The first step of using an oxygen concentrator machine includes taking professional help. Do not purchase a concentrator machine without the go-ahead from your doctor. A health care advisor holds complete knowledge of your condition. Some people are too vulnerable for oxygen machines and require hospital care immediately.

Once you receive instruction from your doctor, learn to use it. The machine can become a cause of concern when you don’t know what to do. Blindly pressing buttons will worsen matters. The oxygen machine comes with controls that alternate between output levels and much more.

A steady thrum will indicate that the machine is working. Attach the nodules with the patient’s nose and wait for the oxygen glow to begin. It may take some time to get used to breathing through a machine. Take your time with adapting to the process. Take small breaths and wait for the initial reactions to subside. You can increase or decrease the oxygen levels depending upon need and location.

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Steps to ensure the care of oxygen machine for home

The oxygen machine for home may seem like a super invention however it does require care. Protecting the machine ensures the safety of the patient as well. Begin with taking care of all hygiene matters. Sanitize the machine regularly and yourself before you use it. The patient is already vulnerable due to a compromised immune system. Do not transfer a disease from the one thing that is helping them breathe. Take out the nodes every once and a while.

Furthermore, do not forget to charge the machine and always check for batteries before going out. Regular maintenance involves checking the wires as well. Beware your children of touching the machine Do not place the machine in a crowded place. External damage to the machine can cause unforeseen changes in oxygen levels.

Some machines keep a record of the oxygen used all night and morning. Monitor the oxygen intake and report anything out of the ordinary. Oxygen concentrator machines are completely safe for night use. The pulse flow motion detects how you breathe and follows that pattern all night .

It may seem eerie to lose control of your breathing however it relieves your loved ones. Patients with a history of chronic heart disease and Cystic fibrosis often lose control of their breathing at night. The mind is not fully aware of our surroundings.

An oxygen machine does not come cheap however it is a durable investment. We advise one patient to use the machine at one time. People can improve their health and let go of the machines as well. You can bring out the machine in times of need . Patients with history usually suffer when altitudes change. The concentrator still comes in handy while traveling in the air since oxygen levels drop.oxygen machine for home

Take Away

Oxygen machines for home are a silver lining for those who wish to continue a normal life. This machine does the impossible for our bodies. It filters harmful gases and particles from the air around us. Your house should always be a safe space for you to move around. Unfortunately, with older oxygen tanks many people could not do so.

The oxygen tanks and machines were too heavy to move. The heavy tanks were obviously made that way to protect users however it did not help their social life. Shift the machine to automatic mode instead of manual during sleep hours.

Furthermore, portable oxygen machines also make it possible to travel. Airlines provide oxygen tanks however they do not offer the same stability as machines. Machines do not supply oxygen from a tank. They create a long-term solution for those fed up with heavy tanks . Investing in a portable oxygen concentrator brings immense relaxation in daily life.

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