Key Features of Intelligent Sterilization Robot

Introduction of Intelligent Sterilization Robot:


Intelligent Sterilization Robot denoted as ISR provides disinfection and cleaning services in areas highly visited by people. It minimizes microbial population on surfaces by eliminating all forms of microorganisms and making the entire area contamination-free and safe to work in.

Disinfection modes:


Robots with incorporated UV light, air filter, and disinfectant spray is the ultimate disinfection solution for buildings. To stop viruses from causing disease, it combines air purification with UV light technology and a HEPA filter. Disinfection using a hydrogen peroxide spray from an atomizer leaves no concealed regions of infection-causing pathogens. Ultraviolet light and hydrogen peroxide are effective disinfectants for diseases such as Coronavirus. The Robot’s selectable various modes of operation will allow it to sterilize the area depending on the time of usage and intensity. UVC rays will directly destroy viral cell DNA RNA or protein structure. This causes immediate cell death and renders reproduction impossible. It may cleanse the air, eliminate microorganisms, and clear out viruses such as COVID19.

Key features of Intelligent Sterilization Robot:


  • This robot features map-based intelligent navigation and collision detection sensors.
  • This provides intelligent autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance.
  • The device also includes a one-of-a-kind capability that allows it to automatically recharge at certain intervals. This guarantees a seamless process.
  • They have multi-point disinfection property.
  • Through several studies, it is proved that Ultraviolet rays are harmful to the skin. The most important feature it has is the infrared sensor that can detect a person and can automatically turn off to prevent the person from these dangerous rays.
  • These robots have laser SLAM which is used to construct maps effectively and can give highly-precise distance measurements.
  • They can avoid obstacles in the path and can automatically execute the sterilization task.
  • Without the involvement of a person, it can automatically charge itself when needed.
  • For efficient disinfection, these robots have a UV lamp of 254nm wavelength which is the appropriate wavelength for decontamination purposes.
  • Secondary pollutants like ozone, organic aerosol, and nitrogen oxide can also be eliminated by Intelligent Sterilization Robots leaving pollution-free air behind.
  • With broad-spectrum, it doesn’t allow any drug resistance.
  • It shows the highest efficiency with 6 ultraviolet tubes having UV rays and they are 90cm in length.
  • Intelligent Sterilization robots are autonomous devices and can save time and effort for the person.
  • It can reduce the cost of chemicals required for disinfection purposes.

Structure of Intelligent Sterilization Robot:


  • Intelligent Sterilization Robotsare designed smartly and they have stylish body.
  • With 5 megapixels visual positioning it can easily navigate around a certain area and can detect any hurdle. After detecting an obstacle it can change the position.
  • With driving wheels, it can change the position and can prevent itself from falling backward or forward.
  • These disinfection robots have 6 pcs UVC-lamp which emit ultraviolet radiations. These radiations minimize microbial growth significantly. One of the major advantages of UV light is that it can kill microbes without the use of chemicals.
  • Its main structure of it contains a stop switch that can be used in case of an emergency.
  • The battery life of these robots is almost 3 hours. The direct charging interface allows it to charge automatically when its charging is very low.
  • The product with a 7-inch IPS display has a wider angle view and the fastest response time.
  • Integrated Lidar enables the intelligent sterilization robot to not only detect the existence of an entity but also assess that either it is a human or an object in real-time. This enables the robot to identify acceptable risks, which is critical for safety in human-robot collaboration.

Applications of Intelligent Sterilization Robot:


  • In the environmental disinfection field, these non-touch devices became prominent because of no human involvement. Robots that autonomously disinfect hospital air and surfaces can assist reduce the amount of time spent on disinfection and cleaning while also lowering the danger of occupational exposure for workers.
  • These robots also aid in the automated control of environmental disinfection, lowering costs and increasing disinfection efficiency. Robots have a wide range of applications in laboratories, As we know that a person is fully exposed to chemicals in the laboratory to prevent a human being from these dangerous chemicals the disinfection task is mandatory.
  • Due to the effect of the novel coronavirus, there is an increase in demand for sterilization robots that can autonomously sanitize while limiting interaction between humans at various institutions, including medical sites, at the moment.
  • Covid-19 may spread through droplets and when a person gets in contact with a contaminated surface to control the spread, more frequent and thorough cleaning of interior surfaces is required, such as in schools, homes, and health care units. As a result of disinfection and sterilization robots and human exposure to harmful pathogens reduce. This is the reason Intelligent Sterilization Robots are becoming popular in healthcare institutions including hospitals.
  • These robots are not only used to decontaminate the surfaces but can also assist in the treatment of patients.
  • Intelligent Sterilization Robots are the safest and the most convenient devices used in a highly polluted environment.
  • Additionally, they are among the cheapest devices used for disinfection purposes in highly populated areas.


We provide a new experience to our customers with these intelligent sterilization robots. We have been consistently upgrading and expanding our services since the introduction of the health-related product to give appropriate answers to the demands of our customers. These extraordinary features integrated into these robots assure health and safety. To some extent, every building that wants to clean air spaces can employ a UV light sterilization robot to accomplish so. The air must make adequate contact with the UV light; this method of disinfection is more efficient. We provide economical and user-friendly products to buyers. These products provide timed disinfection with customized disinfection target points.