Pathogens Control with Ultraviolet Disinfection Robot

What is an Ultraviolet Disinfection Robot?


An ultraviolet disinfection robot with an integrated UV lamp can generate high-intensity radiation to kill microbes on surfaces

Workflow of Ultraviolet Disinfection Robot:

  • First of all cleaning team ordered an ultraviolet disinfection robot device to decontaminate the surface.
  • The disinfection mode and sterilization duration are set according to the disinfection task.
  • The robot will then autonomously go to the desired location depending on the disinfection location and time.
  • After entering the room it starts sterilization with a plasma air filter and kills the pathogen in the environment making it contamination-free.
  • The robot checks whether the disinfection task is fulfilled by checking the concentration of hydrogen peroxide.
  • When the disinfection task is accomplished the device notifies.
  • After completion of the disinfection task through various steps robot automatically move to the charging spot for charging.
  • This practice is repeated until the entire environment or location has been disinfected.
  • UV rays can produce harmful effects like skin cancer in a person. So protection from these rays is mandatory. When a human or an animal enter in the area where robots are operating they automatically deliver a signal to turn off UV lamp.

Ultraviolet Disinfection Robot in Covid-19 control:


Viruses and bacteria can live on inanimate hospital surfaces for many days and contaminate them. Covid-19 also known as Corona Virus is the major challenge world is facing these days. These are the group of viruses that can cause infection both in humans and animals. They can cause mild to severe disease according to the nature of the virus causing infection.

The global COVID-19 epidemic caused by the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has put disinfectants in short supply. Surface disinfectant shortages, while concerning, are not the only factor to consider when it comes to delivering clean surroundings in healthcare.

The hospital environment may be a source of disease transmission in the healthcare setting because the coronavirus can spread while making physical contact with a person or a surface. The COVID-19 epidemic has prompted companies and institutes in the world to develop ultraviolet (UV)-disinfection robots. Hospital surfaces are fully disinfected with the assistance of these robots.

Application in various fields:


Ultraviolet Disinfection Robot has a wide range of applications in various workplaces:

  • In homes these robots are used for floor washing, window cleaning, keep watch on the home via cameras from an app.
  • The airport has installed disinfection robots as part of the steps to keep passengers and workers secure from the coronavirus. Robots can also be used in airports to ensure the safety of passengers through security measures and health-check. Previously developed to combat hospital-acquired diseases, the devices now circulate airport terminals, sanitizing high-risk contact sites such as toilets and elevators.
  • In hospitals, disinfection robots are used in various sectors including operation theatre, Intensive Care Unit, consultation room, infectious disease test lab, and pathology lab.
  • School floors are among the biggest and dirtiest places, and inappropriate floor maintenance can result in a variety of health hazards, including mishaps like falling on the floor, bacterial development, and virus transmission. It is said that many of today’s educational institutions are dealing with both increased labor expenses and a scarcity of skilled, experienced, and dependable cleaning staff. Cleaning robots are used to handle the time-consuming and crucial chores of cleaning the floor, to relieve the staff.

Important Features:


  • Ultraviolet Disinfection Robot with laser SLAM and IPS sensor allows it to construct a map and determine the location.
  • Disinfection activities are highly-precise and timed.
  • One can customize the disinfection target point. It can automatically spray the disinfection solution on contaminated areas and clear the surface with a variety of disinfection modes.
  • The disinfection device is autonomously planned and can detect the path on its own.
  • For the stable operation, these disinfection robots have a wide-angle of detection and can recognize the obstacle from a one-meter distance.
  • We can set the minimum battery power of the robot so that when the battery is low than normal it moves toward the charging point and charge itself automatically.
  • With the strongest battery life of 5-6 hours, robots can perform limitless disinfection tasks.
  • Disinfection robots have a large load capacity of roundabout 60kgs and with strong power and adjustable speed, they can be operated according to needs.

Harmful effects of pathogens:


Pathogens including bacteria and viruses are present everywhere in the environment we are unable to see them because of their minute sizes. They can be found in both soil and water and can contaminate it. Some of the bacteria live in our body without any concern they neither provide benefit to the human body nor produce any harmful effects. Viruses when enter the body can produce a lethal effect by interfering with normal body mechanisms. They take control of the host cell and interact with them making these cells unable to perform major functions.

As we know that these pathogens can survive on surfaces like a tabletop for several hours. So it is needed to remove these microbes from surfaces continuously used by human beings. With the help of these Ultraviolet Disinfection robots, we can easily eradicate these microorganisms from areas that are in direct contact with individuals.

These sterilization robots have disinfectant spray which kills 99.99% of these microorganisms by chemically interacting with genetic material like DNA and RNA of microbial cells. Because genetic material is the most vital component of each cell, its elimination renders it impossible to live.


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