Reviewing Our Best Oxygen Concentrator

Our Best Oxygen Concentrator

The daily life of a person changes when he/she needs supplemental oxygen, daily. Today, we have compact oxygen concentrators that work like life-changing and life-saving portable machines. People who have COPD or emphysema issues must buy a high-quality concentrator that they can use anytime. Currently, the world is going through the COVID-19 pandemic and all COVID patients need immediate oxygen support. Therefore, the need to look for the best oxygen concentrator has become more significant. These compact oxygen concentrators have become a necessary tool for every medical facility. Moreover, they are perfect for home use for those who have COVID or respiratory problems.

How to Choose the Best Oxygen Concentrator

Currently, there are over 208,000,000 active cases of Coronavirus across the globe. Approximately 4,375,000 deaths have been reported worldwide. Unfortunately, these numbers are still on the rise. These numbers show how helpful oxygen concentrators are until we find a cure for this virus. This machine is a must for both medical facilities and homes, keeping in mind the increasing numbers of COVID cases. However, it is important to buy the best oxygen concentrator for the best results. Different types of oxygen concentrators are available on the market from different brands . Therefore, it is important to understand which oxygen concentrator is the perfect choice for your use.

Before you buy an oxygen concentrator, here are the different essential factors that you must know:

Flow Rate

It is the most significant factor when buying an oxygen concentrator. You must check the flow rate strength of the oxygen concentrator. The flow rate shows oxygen’s traveling rate to patients from the machine. You will find low flow rate concentrators between 250 – 750ml per minute . And, there are high flow rate concentrators with 2 – 10ltr per minute flow rate capabilities. Before you buy a concentrator, you should talk to your doctor about the flow rate capabilities of the concentrator for your need.

Power Consumption

An oxygen concentrator gets power just like other home appliances from regular electrical outlets on the wall. However, different oxygen concentrators consume different levels of energy. The best oxygen concentrator should be the one that doesn’t consume too much power. You can also find battery-operated oxygen concentrators on the market.


Portability is a key factor to look at when buying an oxygen concentrator, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. For domestic use, you must buy a concentrator machine that you can move easily with you, wherever you go. However, highly compact concentrators come with low flow rates because they have to have a compact design to make them travel-friendly.

Oxygen Concentration

The concentrator machine compresses and filters oxygen, and then delivers it to the patients. Oxygen is delivered in a specific percentage to patients. It is known as oxygen concentration. It depends on the filtration system design. Usually, the concentration value of an oxygen concentrator is between 87 – 99 percent. However, it varies between different concentrators.

Apart from the above-discussed factors, there are also a few more, such as noise level, and warranty of the machine, etc. You should consider all these factors before your purchase your oxygen concentrator.

Reviewing the Best Oxygen Concentrators

As said earlier, there is an array of concentrators available on the market that you can choose from. To help you identify the best oxygen concentrator for your use, here are some of the most reliable oxygen concentrators of 2021.

2L Oxygen Concentrator

It is a high-quality smart oxygen concentrator that delivers oxygen with a single push of a button. It comes with 1 to 7 litter large flow, adjustable capability, and offers up to 93% oxygen concentration. This machine is easy to operate and offers a continuous 48hrs of breathing. The highlights of this oxygen concentrator are as follows:

best oxygen concentrator

  • Oil-free compressor
  • A bigger display for a greater visual experience
  • noise-free design
  • Energy efficient
  • 11kg weight
  • 2L – 7L oxygen output
  • 60db running noise

The great thing about this concentrator is that it comes with a remote. Therefore, you can easily control this machine with the remote.

Big Flow Oxygen Concentrator

It is one of the most reliable concentrators available on the market for medical facilities. This model comes in two variants; single flow and dual flows. The best thing about this concentrator is that this model is not heavy and bulky and you can move it very easily. With dual flows, two persons can use this concentrator at the same time. Low noise is another great advantage that comes with this model. There is an LED display that makes the machine user-friendly while offering an exceptional visual experience. This concentrator is capable of working continuously for 24 hours, and that too without heating up.

Look at the following features of this concentrator:

  • 10L sufficient flow
  • 96% sufficient purity
  • 20psi sufficient pressure
  • LED display
  • Low oxygen purity alarm
  • High-temperature alarm
  • Power failure alarm
  • Oil-free compressor
  • Low-noise

This model is suitable for patients with interstitial lungs problems, which require high flow and high-pressure oxygen support. It is also suitable to provide oxygen for aquaculture and fish farming. It is the best oxygen concentrator , especially for industrial use.

Big Flow Oxygen Concentrator KW-0M02 5L

The KW-0M02 5L model is one of the highly recommended concentrators to deal with respiratory conditions. It is a perfect choice for home medical use due to its compact design. It is a medical-grade concentrator that produces 93% oxygen purity to the patient . This is a low-cost concentrator and better than many other low brand models in terms of quality and efficiency. This model comes with a remote, so you can operate it remotely with ease. Moreover, it comes with various mufflers, making it a more efficient concentrators.

best oxygen concentrator

Here are the key features of this model:

  • 93% oxygen purity
  • A120VA capacity
  • Intelligent voice broadcasting
  • One-button convenient operation
  • Remote operation
  • Atomization
  • Purity monitoring
  • Multiple mufflers

It is a highly reliable, durable, and efficient machine with many advanced features. This model is also known for real-time monitoring of concentration.


Oxygen concentrators have become an integral part of every medical facility and home to fight respiratory issues. These machines are especially helpful for COVID patients and others who need supplemental oxygen. To choose the best oxygen concentrator , you should consider all the important factors that we discussed in this article. Before you buy a concentrator, you must understand the importance of factors like flow rate, concentration, and power consumption, etc. Or, you can simply choose one from our above-listed concentrators.