Surprise! The Robotic Spray Disinfection Works Lasting Hours

What Is The Robotic Spray Disinfection?

Robotic Spray Disinfection is a new technology that uses a robot to apply disinfectants to floors in high-traffic areas. The Robotic Spray Disinfection is an automated, high-volume application system that automatically dispenses a disinfectant with precise timing and dosage. The type of disinfectant used depends on the particular situation. The benefits of Robotic Spray Disinfection include:

Reduced labor costs:

By using automated equipment, you can reduce your labor costs. You don’t need to pay employees to manually apply disinfectants. This means you get more value from each employee because they aren’t doing menial tasks like dusting or sweeping anymore! You can also reduce your supply costs because you only need one bottle of disinfectant per day instead of multiple bottles per week if you were using manual methods.

Improve the quality of disinfection:

With robotic spray disinfection, you can ensure that every square inch of your facility receives the same amount of disinfectant as every other square inch. This eliminates any variation in concentration and ensures that all surfaces are equally protected from germs.

No need for special training or equipment:

Automated robotic systems can be operated by anyone who knows how to use a computer. No specialized training is required to operate the system. This reduces labor costs over time as personnel is not needed as often as with traditional manual cleaning methods.

Robotic Spray Disinfection Works Lasting

The Robotic Spray Disinfection Works Lasting 6 hours:

What does robotic spray disinfection works lasting 6 hours mean? This means it can work longer and provide a deeper cleaning and disinfection of your room. But can just working longer hours improve productivity? This is not entirely true.

Think about it, if the water tank of a disinfection robot is 1 liter or 2 liters(which working time is 6 hours), what does this mean? This means that, during its six hours of operation, it may need to stop every now and then to fill the tank with disinfectant. This is very time-consuming and costly. Moreover, it seems that even if its working time can reach 6 hours, it will not increase work efficiency.

That is to say, in addition to a long working time, a disinfection robot that can work for a long time also needs to be equipped with some other characteristics in order to achieve the ultimate goal. Here are some functional references:

Large capacity water tank:

As mentioned above, a large-capacity water tank is critical. If we want our disinfection robots to clean our house for 6 hours continuously, it must have a large capacity water tank. So when we are driving them around, they will not have any lack of water during this period. KinouWell‘s disinfection robot has a large-capacity 16-liter water tank, which can meet your needs.

Efficient atomization volume:

To get more efficient disinfection, a useful atomization function is very important. KinouWell‘s robot has an atomization volume of 3000ML/H, which means that its atomization efficiency is higher than 90%. It can spray more water on the surface of the cleaning object and make it easier for bacteria to be killed.

Large area laser mapping:

Robots equipped with large-area laser mapping capabilities are even more powerful. It is capable of sanitizing larger areas without touching obstacles. For instance, the map generated by KinouWell‘s robot provides accurate information about the cleaning area and helps avoid overlapping and unnecessary spraying, thus achieving better cleaning efficiency. In addition, this function can also avoid collision with objects during automatic driving, ensuring the safety of human beings.

Why The KinouWell’s Robotic Spray Disinfection Works Lasting So Long?

As stated above, KinouWell’s Robotic Spray Disinfection works last 6 hours. So why did it work effectively for so long? Here are some of the thoughtful designs that make it even more powerful:

Built-in 37V/20Ah lithium battery: 5~6 hours

The most important element is the built-in 37V/20Ah lithium battery, which has a longer life than any other battery on the market. This allows the robot to reach a longer working time and avoid frequent battery replacement.

Adjustable robot cruise speed: 0.1m/s~1.0m/s

In addition, you can remotely navigate and control it through KinouWell‘s original cloud service platform. This saves even more deployment time. You can adjust its cruising speed through the cloud service platform. In theory, lower cruising speeds can save more power. And, more intimately, it can be up to you.

When low-battery, it will automatically return to charging

This design makes it convenient for users to control the robot as well as protect its battery from over-discharge or short circuits. Moreover, it will keep working until the work is completed and then automatically return to the charging base after finishing up its job.

What You Can Do With A Robotic Spray Disinfection Works Lasting long?

With long-lasting disinfection, you can take care of your customers’ hygiene needs. The Robotic Spray Disinfection works lasting 6 hours and is ideal for restaurants, hospitals, schools, and other public places where hygiene is important. It also works perfectly as a cleaning robot at home or in your office!

  • If you are a restaurant owner, you can use it to disinfect tables, chairs, and other furniture. This will ensure your customers don’t get sick during their meals. The Robotic Spray Disinfection also has an automatic mode that allows it to clean automatically for up to 6 hours before returning to its charging station.
  • In hospitals and clinics, Robotic Spray Disinfection can be used to disinfect rooms and equipment such as beds and medical devices. In schools, the robot can be used to clean classrooms or hallways that are not cleaned by humans due to a lack of time or personnel.

In short, having an efficient and durable disinfection robot, you can use it in many large venues. It will help you to carry out very deep and effective disinfection work and create a healthy environment for you.