Some Things About Ozone Generator

All modern Ozone Generator can be conditionally divided into C species, which differ in the purpose of use:

  • Industrial and medical ozonators;
  • Auto-mobile ozonators (neutralize engine operation products);
  • Household ozonators.

Home or household ozonators, as opposed to industrial ones, are calculated specifically for work in a small room and are very well fed. Often they are installed in an air humidifier or combined with ionizers – the latter are often called “anionic ozonators”. However, the ozonator and the ionizer should not be confused, this is a completely different device.

Why do we need ozone?

If the ozone is so dangerous, why let it into the house? As with many other substances, the benefits and benefits of proper dosage are determined by the correct dosage.

There are MPK standards – a permissible concentration of gas (they are set by GOCT 12.1.005-76). For the zone, the concentration limit does not exceed 0.1 milligrams per cubic meter. It is in this case that you can talk about the use of ozonized air.

  • Because of the aggressive properties, the zones do not leave a chance not only for bacteria, but also for viruses. As a disinfectant it is 50% more effective than chlorine.
  • The ozonator will help you to deal with wicker, filaments and dust mites. If a black mold once appeared in the apartment, it is very difficult to completely get rid of it because of the small tenacious spores that can destroy the zone. This is also fair in relation to dust mites – one of the most common culprits of allergy.
  • The ozonized air is eliminated from unpleasant odors. If the air has become cloudy from dampness, or if you put it on, you should not need to worry about it with a little bit of pepper, but the zone is easy to fix.
  • After disinfection the ozone does not leave toxic residues, in contrast to chlorine: the ozonized water is bold to drink.

How to choose an ozone generator?

So, if the MPK is observed, the zone is not only harmless but also useful for a person. To make sure that you are safe, before buying, you should carefully study the characteristics of the device.

Check certificates

The first and most important rule: it is imperative to ensure that you have a certificate for hygienic safety and compliance with the standards.

Explore the technical characteristics

Particular attention should be paid to the volume of gas produced: the production of the appliance must correspond to the area of the room. With the calculation, it is necessary to bring – the manufacturers indicate the production as milligrams (ml), as well as in micrograms (μg). General standards are:

  • Rooms up to 15 m² will receive a production zone up to 8 μg / m³;
  • An area of 30-50 m² requires an ozonator with an output of 10-12 μg / m³;
  • In rooms from 50-60 m², it is optimal to set an ozonator with a production capacity of up to 20 μg / m³.

If the volume of production is not indicated at all, it is better to refuse from the purchase.

Familiarize yourself with the safety list

In the manual for the device, it is mandatory to indicate the recommended and maximum operating time, as well as a list of conditions that do not allow switching on the device. First of all, they include the presence of explosive gases, high (above 95%) air humidity and the presence of conductive dust.

Non-stop work time

And outside it is worth leaving the area of the room: on average, in one minute of operation, the ozonator accelerates the processing of one square meter of area. In order not to enter the room with a working device, it is better to prescribe a model with a time reserve and the possibility of auto-shutdown.

In addition, it is necessary to understand that the concentration of the zone, and the time of the operation of the ozonator also means, is strongly varied depending on the goal. For the treatment of clothes or water, it is sufficient 5 minutes, and to clean the room after the repair.

Additional functions

If you are planning to purchase not only an ozonator, but a humidifier, you will need to purchase a combined device. In addition, in such devices the ozonator additionally processes the water poured into the reservoir and the humidifier discharges the steam purified from the battery.