Spray Disinfection Robot Series: A Solution for Improved Infection Control

What is meant by a spray disinfection robot series?

  • To travel autonomously and perform multi-point autonomous disinfection, the atomization disinfection robot employs the robot as the carrier. It is possible to successfully inhibit bacteria, viruses, and other microbes that adhere to an object’s surface by atomizing and diluting a disinfectant.
  • The Spray Disinfection Robot Seriesis a cutting-edge new method of keeping your house, business, and other public areas clean and germ-free. This cutting-edge technology uses robotic arms to spray the area with a disinfecting solution.
  • It represents the most recent advancement in disinfection technology. It is intended to offer an automated and effective method of disinfecting surfaces in sizable public and commercial places.
  • It can sterilize the indoor space and air without a dead angle of 360° and disinfect 1000m3 space in 15 minutes, reducing manual contact and the risk of personnel infection. Its autonomously planned disinfection route and fully automatic indoor unmanned driving are all used in this process.

Functional overview of the Intelligent Spray Disinfection Robot:

  • Indoor mobile autonomous multi-point spray sanitation
  • Original cloud service management platform, time-saving and effective remote navigation deployment.
  • It takes 15 minutes to disinfect 1000 m3 of area.
  • Robot cruising speed may be changed between 0.1 and 1.0 m/s.
  • Automatic execution of disinfection operations and a timed disinfection function.
  • Fusion of Laser and V-SLAM, precise map generation, and map location.
  • Intelligent obstacle avoidance and indoor autonomous routeplanning in less than 0.5 seconds.
  • 360° air surface disinfection, 3000ML/H atomization volume
  • 16L big water tank extends the duration of the robot spray disinfection.
  • 37V/20Ah lithium battery, 5 to 6 hours of continuous use
  • 40,000 square meters of extremely big laser mapping to accommodate the requirements of several huge sceneries
  • If the battery is low, it will automatically start charging, and no one will use it.
  • Support widely used disinfectants, including peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, and hypochlorous acid.
  • Room Disinfection Robot

What Can a Robotic Spray Disinfection Work Do surviving Length?

You can meet the hygienic demands of your clients with durable disinfection. The Robotic Spray Disinfection is perfect for restaurants, hospitals, schools, and other public spaces where hygiene is crucial since it operates for 6 hours. It is also excellent for cleaning robots at home or the business.

  • Robotic spray disinfection can be used in hospitals and clinics to clean furniture, beds, and medical equipment. The robot can be used in schools to clean classrooms or corridors that people cannot clean because of a lack of time or staff.
  • In addition to cleaning automatically for up to 6 hours, the Robotic Spray Disinfection also offers an automated mode that enables it to do so before returning to its hallways.
  • If you own a restaurant, you may use it to clean the furniture, including the tables and chairs. By doing this, you can prevent clients from getting sick while they are eating.

What advantages can spray disinfection robots offer?

  • Remote access to these robots may be helpful to the person operating them from a distance.
  • Robots protect employees and lessen the risks brought on by human mistakes. Robots can repeat actions, but humans must correct them when given repetitive or dull tasks.
  • Employers have recently started to think about the possibility of strategic human-robot collaboration. Collaborative robot systems perform partially automated jobs, allowing robots and humans to make the most of their skills.

Spray disinfection Roberts’ significance in daily life:

  • Thespray disinfection Robot series is becoming more important in our everyday lives since they are more efficient and are being used more frequently due to technical improvements. Nowadays, many people favour robots since they are much faster and more efficient than humans.
  • With the number of germs that cause infections and illnesses on the rise, the disinfection robot has been presented as a trustworthy solution to keep the entire hospital clean.
  • A disinfection robot is an essential tool in the battle against infectious diseases, which have long been a severe danger to public health.
  • Some of the routine tasks that robots could ultimately be used to carry out in healthcare institutions include cleaning, taking blood samples, and patient transportation.

What is an autonomous disinfection robot used for?

  • A spray disinfection robot series is a self-contained machine designed to sterilize a place without human help. The robot may be made to clean any size area by eradicating viruses and germs using ultraviolet (UV) radiation. These disinfection robots are designed to improve cleaning operations’ efficiency by lowering human error.
  • They aid in lowering pollutants produced by people when doing cleaning tasks. These cleaning systems are intended to function securely alongside humans while they clean. This technology in several sectors has transformed cleaning procedures.
  • These are ideal spray robots for use in healthcare facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, and other places where there is a significant danger of cross-contamination.
  • This is a brand-new technology that researchers have developed. Researchers have created a robot that utilizes ultraviolet light to clean hospital rooms.
  • Hospitals have long used robots to help doctors with operations and other medical procedures. As a result of those treatments, they are now used to clean up the mess.


The Spray Disinfection Robot series is a disinfection robot created to eliminate dangerous bacteria and germs in homes, workplaces, and other public areas. It combines UV light with a fogging system to achieve full and thorough disinfection. It is intended to be simple to operate and needs little upkeep. Our company’s innovative Spray Disinfection Robot can completely kill the germs of how we clean and sanitize our surroundings. In addition to a UV laser to eliminate any lingering bacteria, this robot is outfitted with a strong sprayer that can discharge a variety of sanitizers and disinfectants.