UVC Intelligent Disinfection Robot KWR-768

● Irradiated by 6 high-power UV lamps, effectively killing germs and viruses on the surface of the environment Reach over 99%.

● Remote intelligent control, self-defined disinfection time.

● Simple installation and deployment, autonomous disinfection path planning, real-time monitoring of operating data.

● Infrared human body sensor, 360° omni-directional intelligent sensor, automatically turn off the light while sensing the human body.


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UVC Intelligent Disinfection Robot: The ultraviolet disinfection robot uses PHILIPS UV-C ultraviolet light source, and the inactivation rate of COVID-2019 is as high as 99.9999%. It has high efficiency, broad spectrum, thoroughness, no drug resistance and no secondary pollution. And other significant advantages, it is an efficient and environmentally friendly disinfection product.

uvc disinfection robot-1 UVC Intelligent Disinfection Robot Product Features

· Indoor autonomous mobile multi-point disinfection

· 40,000 square meters large area laser mapping to meet the use of large scenes

· Independent cloud service platform, remote navigation deployment, saving time and effort

· Infrared human body sensor, automatically turn off/on the light, avoiding obstacles and ultraviolet rays hurting the skin

· Timed disinfection function, automatic execution of disinfection tasks

· Laser SLAM and V-SLAM fusion, accurate map construction and positioning

· Automatic return to charging, no-man operation

· Second-level intelligent obstacle avoidance, indoor autonomous route planning

· 6 tubes of 90cm PHILIPS UV-C UV tubes · 8000 hours long service life

· Shortwave 254nm sterilization lamp ultraviolet radiation, efficient disinfection and sterilization

· It has high efficiency, broad spectrum, thoroughness, no drug resistance and no secondary pollution, etc.

· UV disinfection conforms to [National Standard] GB 19258-2012 UV disinfection lamp

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Lamp power (single tube) 30W
Number of tubes 6
Tube length 90cm
Battery Type 20800mAh/37V
Battery life 2.5~3h
Charging time Max 4KM/h
UV irradiation distance 6m
Infrared human body induction Optional
Disinfection method Single disinfection, cycle disinfection
Display size 7 inches
Language mode Chinese、English
Laser Ranging 20m
Product weight 52KG
Product Size 540×360×1536
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