Use Ozone Machine for Car For Eliminating Smoke Smell

Unwanted smells inside a car are a common problem for all car owners. These smells can be coming out of the car vents or below the car seat. Even after putting a lot of effort into scrubbing and cleaning and using baking soda, etc., most people are still not able to get rid of these bad odors. Would you give up after trying a lot of things, but there is still no success? You don’t need to, because there is another effective way of eliminating bad odors, including smoke smell. If you have tried everything else and there is no success, you can use an ozone machine for car to eliminate smoke smell and such bad odors. You might not be aware of it, but ozone treatment is known as one of the most effective methods of eliminating car smells.

A few years ago, only professional detailers were using ozone machines for removing bad odors trapped inside cars. However, we now have modern-day machines for domestic use also. People can now use these machines their selves to remove smoke smells and other odors from their cars. Today, we’ll discuss what an ozone machine is and how it works. If you are one of those people who are frustrated by unwanted smells in their car, this post is for you.

What Is An Ozone Machine For Car?

An ozone machine for car is a machine that uses the O3 (gas ozone) for removing odors, viruses, and bacteria. This type of treatment is effective in the elimination of odors that you are not able to remove by standard cleaning methods.

You just need to place the ozone machine inside your car for a specific time, according to the odor strength. The gas will permeate the car to neutralize the unwanted odor.

The best thing is that you will also be able to kill viruses and bacteria that might be present in your car. We see such issues most commonly in old car models. However, regular cleaning and maintenance are always essential whether you have a new or an old car model.

Ozone treatment is known as the most reliable and efficient ways of eliminating suborn odors. The gas easily reaches the vents inside, under seats, all crannies and nooks, and saturates the upholstery fibers. We cannot achieve this thing with conventional car cleaning methods. Therefore, ozone treatment is a highly reliable way of removing bad odors, bacteria, and viruses, etc.

How Does Ozone Treatment Works?

If we talk about the most commanding sterilants, the ozone would rank very high on that list. It uses oxidation’s chemical reaction for breaking down the undesired molecules. Gas ozone is one of those unstable molecules that destroy them through the oxidation process when it contacts other kinds of molecules. The destruction of viruses and bacteria occurs when the ozone and cell wall contact. Ozone breaks down the cell wall on the molecular level, which destroys the cell effectively.

Using an ozone machine for car is the most effective and efficient method available for the destruction of cell walls. To date, there is no other method available that is as much effective as ozone treatment. Therefore, this is the reason why professional detailers use this method to deep clean the cars of their customers for bad odors.

When to Get Ozone Treatment for Your Car?

A detailer uses the ozone machine, also known as the ozone generator, to execute ozone treatment on a car. Usually, this process depends on throwing specific ultraviolent wavelength light towards the oxygen atoms.

The detailer will place the ozone machine inside the car for a specific time until it removes the unwanted odor completely. Before beginning the O3 treatment process, the detailer will clean the car thoroughly. It is essential to ensure that the actual cause of the smell is addressed properly. The removal of ozone odor is permanent if you can remove the smell source. If there is mildew, you must also deal with the dampness source.

Tobacco smoke is the most obvious reason behind certain vehicle odors. Tobacco smoke is hard to remove once it becomes permanent in the car. Secondhand smoke includes the invisible chemical, known as Phenol, which causes respiratory tract and eye irritation issues. The use of an ozone machine for car can oxidize the phenol gas completely. As a result, it will effectively neutralize the unwanted odor. You will never smell that bad odor again because of molecules destruction instead of filtration or masking.

Ozone gas dissipates after approximately 30 minutes after the treatment. Therefore, your vehicle doesn’t have any risk. Detailers air out the vehicle sufficiently before returning it to the customer. So, you should stay relax that there will be no hassles involved during and after the ozone treatment process.

DIY Ozone Treatment

Purchasing an ozone machine and performing ozone treatment yourself at the home is a very tempting thing. Sometimes ago, ozone treatment was a method only limited to professional detailers. But today, we also have ozone machines available on the market that we can use at home for vehicle odor cleaning or indoor cleaning purposes.

However, you still need to be aware of the fact that O3 is toxic to humans and animals. Breathing this gas can cause chemical reactions in the body. Consequently, you may experience issues, such as difficulty breathing, cough, and respiratory tract irritation.

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You should look for some natural ways of odor removal for your home if you are not sure how to safely use ozone machines. The other alternatives can be car litter or baking soda. However, ozone treatment is still the most effective method available to deal with stubborn odors.

If you want to use an ozone machine for car odor removal, you must use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you know how to use it efficiently and effectively, there would be no harm in using these machines.

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