UV Robot Disinfection Against Infectious Agents in the Environment

Background of UV Robot Disinfection:


UV-disinfection robots of all types enable non-touch disinfection by emitting Ultraviolet radiations strong enough to kill pathogens such as bacteria and virusesTechnological advancements have rapidly altered all aspects of human existence. Current robotic technologies are employed in a wide range of applications for example in hospitals, agriculture, airports, schools, homes and manufacturing industries. These robots demand have became increasingly significant during the era of COVID-19 epidemic. These robots are capable of killing 99 percent of microorganisms on surfaces. These disinfection robots are designed to move independently and save the efforts and time. Fast checking validates the disinfection procedure quickly and easily.

Hospital Acquired Infections:

According to a recent World Health Organization (WHO) research, 7 out of every 100 hospitalized patients in affluent nations and 10 in under-developed countries will contract at least one Hospital Acquired Infection at any one moment. The incidence of Hospital-acquired infections in developed countries fluctuates between 3.5 and 12 percent at any specific moment. According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, the average occurrence of Hospital-acquired infections in European nations is 7.1 percent. According to the same source, the estimated occurrence rate of these infections acquired by hospitals in the United States of America was 8.5 percent in 2013.

These acquired pathogens can be controlled by using disinfection methods with the aid of robotics. The UV Robot Disinfection will enhance and simplify how we clean hospital rooms today. And, by allowing the robot to assist with cleaning, we want to minimize the number of hospital-acquired illnesses, sick leave, and, most importantly, the number of fatalities caused by infections acquired during hospitalization. To avoid potential harm from unintentional injuries and mishap during the cleaning process and a tablet vibration sensor are installed. To reduce UV light exposure and protect human safety, Hyper Light will instantly cease the process.

UV Robot Disinfection preferred over manual cleaning:


So far, manual distribution of UV-C solutions across disinfection regions has revealed difficulties in terms of shadowing objects, uniformity, and high-risk locations. These constraints are overcome by using a completely autonomous robotic system since the robot can be programmed first to go around any object and slow down to optimize exposure to high-risk regions, while robotic accuracy provides constant exposure. COVID-19 was proved to be very simple to inactivate with ultraviolet light, and cell populations in heavily polluted regions are rapidly decreased by 99.9 percent merely by driving past.

The use of expensive and harmful chemicals is a major issue one can face when manually cleaning the surface. Assigning responsibility for a variety of goods, notably sophisticated portable medical equipment, Compliance with protocols/policies from a staff that is (often) underpaid and under-motivated, Inadequate personnel training and instruction, insufficient time allotted to complete the task, and incorrect disinfectant formulation are among the major problems person can face while sterilizing the environment manually. The cleaning solution/material itself can produce contamination. It is difficult to assess the efficacy of traditional cleaning and disinfection methods.

Multidrug-resistant microorganisms and disinfection robot:


Multidrug-resistant pathogens are the microorganisms that can no longer be controlled by medications because they have acquired resistance against these antibiotics.  Antibiotics are used against viral and bacterial infections these are the essential medication and first ever method to protect human from infections. Infections produced by multidrug-resistant (MDR) microorganisms in healthcare are strongly connected with higher morbidity and mortality. Proper cleaning of the environment can help to minimize disease spread. The UV Robot Disinfection is an efficient procedure used against these drug-resistant microorganisms.

Mechanism of working:


There are several ways for infections to spread, and research has shown that the most common method is by contact with a surface such as a table-top, door knobs and cupboards, other areas including buttons, sockets and so on. The UV-C disinfection robot is a cost-efficient and effective method of reducing the transmission of microorganisms. These microorganisms when exposed to Ultraviolet light, the nucleic acid of microorganisms including DNA and RNA absorbs ultraviolet light and can cause damage to genetic material of cells which stops the spread of novel infections. The whole disinfection process takes few minutes depending on the area we want to decontaminate. Nobody should be in the room when the robot is running.

Key features:


UV Robot Disinfection procedures are done with disinfection products having certain key features:

  • The radiations produced by 6 high-power Ultraviolet lights help in efficiently eradicate bacteria and viruses on the environment’s surface.
  • The intelligent remote control system is present and the navigation route is self-planned without the involvement of any other factor.
  • The disinfection time of sterilization robots is also self-defined.
  • Installation and use of an autonomous disinfection robot are quite simple and easy.
  • Real-time data monitoring is another important characteristic of these gadgets.
  • Humans can be protected from harmful Ultraviolet rays because this disinfection robot has a human infrared body sensor with the help of this intelligent sensor device that automatically gets turned off when a person comes in close contact.
  • A LIDAR sensor with a viewing angle of 270 degrees robot can map the environment.


These disinfection robots are designed and constructed for environmental disinfection. We are offering the most economical and environment-friendly products. The UV Robot Disinfection is carried out following a predetermined course. The efficacy of the product was checked by professionals. Our products show effectiveness by reducing the number of staff absenteeism or healthcare-associated infections. Our products are Safest and can disinfect faster and can cover more area. The disinfection robots offered by us have a large load carrying capacity and a more powerful battery. With the efficient speed of 0.2m/s to 0.8m/s, it can travel easily from one place to another within minimum time. We cooperate with distributors all around the world to provide local people with healthy, safest, and economical services.